Portland Dining Month

Portland Dining Month is back!

March is always one of my favourite months of the year, solely because of Portland Dining Month. It’s certainly not a high ranking month because of the weather. Nothing. But. Rain. This is an event sponsored by the lovely folks at Travel Portland; during the month of March over 120 restaurants in the Portland area are taking part and bringing you a three-course meal for only $29.

ONLY $29. For three courses!

With 120+ restaurants, I don’t know how anyone ever decided where to go. Especially when you see the menus some of these restaurants are offering. It almost makes you want to go somewhere different for every meal of the day. Almost.

You can find a complete list of all the restaurants taking part here or, the wonderful people at The Oregonian has a list of what they think are the 21 restaurants most worthy of going to this month. I’m already looking at the menus and drooling. I have some serious dining out to do this month. Want to join?

I’ve gone to a few different places participating in Portland Dining Month the last two years. The one I went to last year was…forgettable. So forgettable in fact that I actually cannot remember the name of the place. Oh well, what ya gonna do? I did, however, go to two restaurants the year before that I 100% recommend.

You can read more about the restaurants individually on my “PDX Eats” page – click on the reviews for “Coppia” and “Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro”. It doesn’t look like either of them are participating in Portland Dining Month this year, but regardless I think they are both restaurants worth checking out if you either live in or find yourself visiting the Portland area.

If you’re in Portland this month though, definitely check out one of the many restaurants offering you three courses for $29. You really can’t go wrong. As I said before there are a lot of places I want to hit up over the next few weeks.

Portland Dining Month is also doing something really cool to benefit people in the Portland area. They are partnering with the Oregon Food Bank and for every reservation made through the official website, a donation will be made to the hunger-relief organization.

So go forth and eat, friends! I know I will 😉

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